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There are different wood constructions, whether based on lattice, laminated wood or laminate, each has its specificity and are used for various purposes. The wooden chalets for sale in france are an excellent example of wooden constructions.


Trellis-based construction

This form of wooden construction consists of making trusses, structures or skeletons using beams or linear pieces. We can distinguish light structures, those where are used parts, usually full, limited sizes or large blades. And we are talking about heavy frameworks when laminated beams are used to make these structures, which allow to obtain thicker and longer pieces.

Lightweight structures are mainly used in single family homes with up to two floors. The trusses are covered with panels, mainly plywood or OSB, and the holes are filled with insulating materials and allow the passage of wiring and pipes. Its use is very common in the United States, Canada and some Nordic countries.

At first glance, it may seem that the fundamental difference between the heavy frame and the light frame is the size of the beams or pieces of wood used, but that’s not the only difference. In heavy structures, the use of nail and steel joints is avoided by using more joints or unions that take advantage of the tension of the structure. The separations between the beams are larger and the filling, as in the light frames, is more complex or even unsustainable.

Wood construction using heavy structures not only allows single-family homes, but also multi-storey buildings.


Laminated wood construction

Laminated wood panels consist essentially of several layers of panels assembled in alternate directions. With them, we obtain large pieces, excellent stability and resistance.


Wooden constructions against laminate

They consist of using these panels to manufacture the building elements: floors, walls, ceilings … They are all manufactured in the workshop and then gathered in their final location using cranes. Even the gaps in the doors and windows are made in the workshop.

This type of construction piece by piece is very similar to what it would be to make a puzzle, since each piece occupies a unique place.

This construction technique allows the manufacture of large buildings, including skyscrapers. It also has many advantages, including better insulation and a considerable reduction in construction time.


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